10 Best Automatic Fish Feeder Reviews

Automatic Fish FeederAs an aquarium owner, it is your obligation to take care of the fishes. One way to do this is to feed them with the right amount and at the right time. If you think you cannot do it, it is best to find an automatic fish feeder to help you in feeding your fishes. To keep the fishes from starving, you need to look for the best automatic fish feeder.

Finding one is not as easy as you think it is. They may have the same features, but only a few of them possess the complete features you need. To help you, we have reviewed ten of the best automatic fish feeders that you can consider buying.

Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeder on the Market

1. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

For aquarium owners who sometimes forget to feed their pets, the Eheim Automatic Feeding device could solve the issue. With this unit, you can take a vacation without worrying about who will feed the fishes. If you are also going to work, you don’t have to keep on reminding yourself about the chore as this feeding unit can do it for you.

Setting the unit is quite easy, and you can set the amount of food to come out of the holder. Make sure that you will not over-feed or under-feed the fishes. This unit is very reliable, and it can dispense the exact amount of food.

Regardless of how much you fill the feeder and the number of times you need to feed your fish, the food in the feeder usually lasts for six weeks. Also, the type of food you fill it is a factor. You can fill the drum up to 100ml, but you need to use dry food only.

Your fishes will never run out of food, as it has a transparent drum so you can see if it needs to be refilled.

Things We Liked

  • Dependable
  • Simple design and easy to setup
  • Easy to program
  • Consistent feedings

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot dispense multiple types of food
  • Not moisture-resistant


2. Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

There are times that you forgot to feed your fishes. Good thing there is Torlam Auto Fish Feeder that can help you in keeping your fishes full. This feeder has an AquaBlue timer that can set up four feedings a day automatically.

You have the option not to use them all if there is no need. It is programmable, so you can set it any time of the day and can dispense a double or triple feeding if needed. Some people are impressed with its set-and-forget design. You also have the option to set it on manual. This lets you do the work by yourself and enjoy feeding your pet.

You can install it in two ways. One is to position the feeder to the tank wall with a holder. Or you can use double-sided tape to stick the feeder to the aquarium. Just make sure that you keep the food from getting wet. It will remain dry in the hopper because of the moisture-resistant feature of the hopper.

Things We Liked

  • Two ways to install
  • Add food easily
  • You can program it up to four feedings a day
  • Moisture-resistant hopper

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The amount of food dispensed may vary.


3. UPETTOOLS Fish Feeder

The Upettools Fish Feeder is a fish feeder with a smart timer so you can set up the feeding times. This tool will help you with feeding your fishes at the right time with the right amount. Also, your fishes will get fed even when you are not at home or busy with other things.

Also, the feeder has a slide that controls how it dispenses the food. Thus it ensures that your fish are getting the right diet so they will remain healthy. The feeder dispenses the food on time and in a more accurate way. You can use any type of fish food, which includes pellets, strips, powders, and flakes. This automatic fish feeder for pellets is perfect for home fish tanks.

You can set the timer at 12 and 24 hours, and it has a manual feeder option. Two food dispensers are being offered the 50g and 100g, and it has a slide that you can use in controlling the food output. This fish feeder is equipped with two different size fish food dispensers. You can use the slide in controlling the food output. Use the holder on the tank cover to fix the feeder on the tank wall.

Things We Liked

  • Durable
  • Can feed most types of fish food
  • Controlled feeding
  • Easy to program

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is not recommended in small tanks.


4. Zacro Automatic Rechargeable Fish Feeder

The Zacro Automatic Fish Food Feeder has a rechargeable timer that is well-accessorized that includes fish food dispenser, USB, and charger cable for your aquarium. If the large-capacity lithium battery is fully charged, it can last for 3 to 6 months. That is quite long as compared to other brands.

This feeder is powered by two sources, the batteries and the USB charger that can be connected to get the power directly. You can use a rechargeable lithium battery that you can use for more than three months. The feeding bucket can accommodate as much as 200 ml, and it is best for different feeds, such as powders, pellets, and flakes.

You can set the feeder up to 4 feedings a day, and it fits bigger tanks that measure up to 600 liters. Just press the power button for three seconds to switch on the feeder. Once you have poured the feed, adjust the discharge hole, depending on your fish-eating requirement.

Things We Liked

  • Large food capacity
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery level indicator
  • Up to 4 feeds a day

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It has no fan


5. Uniwood Automatic Fish Feeder

The Uniwood Automatic Fish Feeder can feed up to 4 feedings per day at a specific period. You can decide how many times you need to feed the fish once or thrice a day. The fish feeder operates quietly and is styled perfectly for your aquarium. The compartment is quite big and can carry a good amount of food.

Reliability is an essential factor when it comes to automatic fish feeder. Uniwood is one of those feeding devices that you can depend on. Depending on what your fish need, you can program it up to four times a day. The feeder is very efficient. You can get a lot of savings in energy in the long run.

This digital feeder is designed to prevent moisture from building up, which means you can add any type of food without getting clogged up. You will never have a problem with jamming as well as the unsuccessful dispensing of food. Which means you will have peace of mind leaving your home.

This feeding tool has a weak point, and that includes the need to replace the battery regularly. Also, it is not that dependable when it comes to providing the exact portions.

Things We Liked

  • It keeps the moisture away
  • Works silently and has a stylish design
  • Energy-saver feeder
  • Easy to program up to 4 feedings per day

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is not capable of dispensing the exact portions all the time.


6. KUIENSI Automatic Fish Feeder

Kuiensi Automatic Fish Feeder is the solution to accurately feeding your fishes on time and with the right amount. This feeder is designed to feed your aquatic pets scientifically, even when you are not around. Your pets will not starve to death as they can have the food they need.

This feeder has a water-proof system and is very accurate in feeding the fishes. This best automatic fish feeder for flakes can dispense granulated flakes as well as other fish foods. Also, the system has built-in ventilation systems that will keep the food dry and moisture-free to prevent the food from spoiling.

The feeder can carry a large amount of food and can work continuously longer since the batteries are long-lasting. It assures that the fish are always full and have eaten on time.

Things We Liked

  • Can feed up to four times a day
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Helps in developing good eating habits
  • It keeps the food dry.
  • Lightweight but durable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Setting it up is quite tricky.


7. Fish Mate F14 Fish Feeder

This automatic fish feeder for betta is an automatic aquarium that aquarium owner should consider to buy. It is quite durable and will surely last longer. The Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder works best in small tanks such as betta tanks, and it is an excellent choice for non-fish tanks. This best automatic fish feeder for small tank enables food to be released at a different time.

You can add a pressurized air tube to the device if you are worried about humidity, this will keep the fish food dry.  Also, keep the above section of the feeder open so you can access the feeding chambers and you can refill or empty the container if needed. The fish feeder is affixed to the tank’s cover.

One of the major concerns of aquarium owners is the small feeding compartment. It is hard to get the food in the canister when loading it, particularly if the hole and the compartment have the same size but not aligned well with each other.

Things We Liked

  • The timer is easy to use that you can set it from one to four meals a day.
  • You can pre-measure various types and amounts of food.
  • Can serve up to four individual flakes
  • It has an accurate and reliable quartz timer.
  • Has a battery condition indicator

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The hole and compartment come with the same size which doesn’t line up correctly.
  • The feeding compartments are a bit small.


8. Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder

The Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder has an innovative design. You don’t have to worry about spillage as the food storage barrel is well sealed to make sure the food is safe from the other elements. The food will remain dry, keeping it fresh longer.

Your fishes will get all the nutrients in the food. When it comes to the amount of food it can accommodate, the feeder can carry a 500ml feed bucket. Best for round grain fish food up to 4mm. Using other kinds of fish food is not recommended.

You can use triple-A batteries or USB to charge the feeder. You should charge it by USB, so you don’t have to buy batteries. You will have peace of mind that it will function continuously without running out of energy.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Dual power supply
  • Bigger capacity
  • Parameters are saved automatically, even without power.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Works well with flakes but not with pellets


9. Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder

If you are looking for a fish feeder that will last longer, the Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder is what you need. It can hold enough food up to 175ml, which will last longer. Setting the release of food is easy. You can program it up to four times of feeding a day, depending on what type of fish you own. If you need to control the amount of food in every meal, simply change the outlet size.

The Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder is made from non-toxic plastic, which means it is safe for your pet. It is made of lightweight but durable material and is tough enough to handle the regular feedings every day. Thus, it is the ideal choice for professionals or frequent travelers. Also, it looks great, so it will not affect the aesthetic of your aquarium.

It fits most of the standard aquarium and includes a fixed clamp as well as a Velcro strap. You just need to mount it on the cover or the sidewall to fit your setup. The Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder accepts different types of fish food, such as particles and pellets. Also, it works with fine-grain food that is not common to other automatic feeders.

Things We Liked

  • Adding food is easy
  • Setting the feeding schedule is less complicated
  • Has bigger food capacity
  • Prevents moisture
  • Enables two unique fixing methods

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The tank water tends to get cloudy.


10. VIVOSUN Easy-to-Program Automatic Fish Feeder

The Vivosun Easy-to-Program Automatic Fish Feeder feeds food automatically and can be set 4 times a day. It makes feeding on time and easy, and no need for you to worry about feeding your fish if you are out. The feeder has an adjustable setting, so you can feed granule or flake. You can easily mount it on the side of the tank.

The controls are easy to understand. Just set the feeding time and frequency correctly. You can check the manual on how to set it properly. Convenient to use, simply adjust and set, and it will operate on its own. Maintenance and cleaning are also not a problem. It is battery operated, so you don’t have to deal with cords.

Things We Liked

  • Battery included, so you don’t have to deal with cords.
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Can be set up to 4 times daily of feeding
  • Can be attached to the side of the tank for easy placement

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommended for bigger aquariums

Features of Automatic Fish Feeder to Consider When Buying


It is important to choose the right size of the fish feeder as not all can fit your aquarium. If you have a bigger aquarium, it is best to choose one with a bigger container. Don’t choose a feeder with smaller food compartments as it will be hard to fill.

In case you have a smaller fish tank with fewer fish, it is best to choose a feeder with a smaller dispenser. You need to refill the compartment every time it gets empty, and the size of the compartment will determine how many times this happens.

Most of the time, it should be done at a regular interval; it depends on how many fish you have. You don’t need to buy a feeder with a bigger compartment, as the food can become sour before it is time to feed the fish.

You can also consider that the feeder unit is an added visual diversion for your aquarium, so it is best to choose the smallest one that meets your requirements.

Time and Quantity Controller

It is best to feed the fish several times per day instead of feeding them a huge amount of food all at once. By doing this, it is much easier for your fish to digest. Thus, you need to purchase an auto-feeder with an accurate and reliable timer, to have a clear and precise program for each feeding time.

With an automatic fish feeder, it is much easy to take care of your fish since you will be able to set the amount of food to feed. Choose the feeder that dispenses the right amount of food. You should check the usage directions before purchasing them. It’s a must that your feeder comes with a basic instruction manual.

Ventilation System

Many fish owners don’t have auto feeders, and they have this fear that they will discover dead fish anytime. If the auto food feeder you choose is equipped with a fan and a ventilation system, it means that the feeder is safe.

The ventilation is to ensure that the food will not get spoiled easily. Thus, you should check on the feeder’s capacity so you can deal with dampness before you choose one since this is one of the essential factors to keep the food fresh. Choose a feeder that the price corresponds to its features.

Battery Indicator

You are buying an automatic fish feeder to make sure the fishes are fed on time. But, think of the situation in which the fish are not fed even after buying the auto feeder. What could be the possible reasons why your feeder was not able to dispense food. Not feeding them on time could kill them. To assure that such a situation will not take place, buy an auto feeder with long battery life.

Choose an auto feeder that is equipped with a battery indicator to alert you when it is time to replace the battery. The indicator uses LD lights or an LCD monitor, so it will be easy to read. Other features that would help the battery indicator are the integrated clock and alarm bell. This feature is very helpful in making the auto fish feeder beneficial to you.


You also need to consider your lifestyle. You might be wondering why you should consider this when choosing a feeder. If you are always out of your house, the feeder you choose will greatly affect the feeding time of the fishes. Find a feeder that you can set a feeding at least four times a day. You must have a reliable feeder that can accommodate enough food for your fish.

However, if you are always at home and you have a lot of time giving all the attention you need to your fishes, then you can get a smaller auto feeder device. You can use the feeder whenever you need to go out. So, choose the one that will suit your lifestyle and daily activities.

Attachment Mechanism

Feeders are attached to the aquarium differently. Make sure that you choose the one with an attachment mechanism compatible with your aquarium.

Casting Distance

This is the distance from the feeder to the mechanism that delivers the food. You can choose a feeder that drops the food in one place or the one that spread the food throughout the aquarium.

Predator Resistance

This is vital when the aquarium is outdoor. Some animals, like birds, butterflies, or squirrels, get attracted to the aquarium. It is best if your feeder has some sort of protection from the predators to keep the aquarium safe.


Types of Automatic Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders are available in two types. Both provide the same result, but they differ in how they operate.

Rotating Barrel Fish Feeders

This type of feeder is the most common and has the simplest design. The barrel rotates to release the food straight into the tank. The amount of food release will depend on the size of the barrel’s hole. But you can control how big the hole will be.

The rotating barrel feeder holds the most food, so it is best if you will be away for a few days. Some models can hold up to 6 weeks of food. But this type of feeder has only one compartment that could cause an issue for community aquariums. You can fill the barrel with different types of food, but there is no assurance that it can disperse evenly.

For instance, maybe you want to combine pellets and flakes. It might not release the same amount for both foods leaving the bottom-dwelling fish underfed. Choose only one type of food when using a rotating barrel fish feeder.

Avoid bigger dried fish foods – sticks and algae wafers can block the barrel’s opening.

Portion Control Fish Feeders

If you want to control the amount of food that enters your tank, it is best to choose the portion control fish feeders.

This type of fish feeder has a circular arrangement of trays. You can fill each tray with the kind of food you want to feed your fish at one time. Then you can set the timer. The entire content of one tray will be emptied during the feeding time.

If you have community aquariums, this type of feeder is recommended as you can measure each meal and mix various types of food to make sure everyone gets the exact amount of food they require.

The only concern with this type of fish feeder is that it can hold a minimal amount of food, so if you are planning for a long vacation, this is not a suitable feeder for you. The biggest portion control fish feeders have 10-14 compartments, so it will last only for 10-14 days.


How Does Automatic Fish Feeder Functions?

An automatic fish feeder is designed to dispense the right amount of fish food in your aquarium at a specific time. Some fish feeder can be set to dispense food up to four times a day. This will ensure that your fish will not get hungry even if you are not around. So, even if you go on a vacation, you don’t have to worry about your fishes as you are sure they will get fed properly.

The automatic fish feeder can be operated by electricity or by a battery. The good thing about battery-powered feeder is that there is no need to worry when there is power outages or electric shock. While with electrical-powered feeders, you don’t have to worry about your battery getting drained.

The feeder is equipped with several containers to pre-fill with fish food. The device will rotate the containers on a given time you set to drop the food into the fish tank. This lets the fish and other pets in the water to be fed every time without overfeeding them.


Tips on Setting Up An Automatic Fish Feeder

Before setting up and preparing the device for installation and use, do not forget to check the feeder for any loose parts or damage. Most of the time, cheap auto fish feeders have broken cells. You need to examine the cells thoroughly.

The above ten automatic fish feeders we reviewed are the best in the market, so you can choose from them. After unpacking the auto fish feeder, connect the device to a source of power for the electrically powered feeder. In case the feeder you choose is battery-powered, insert the needed batteries that will turn on the display LED.

Most of the fish feeder has a dispensing entryway. This will open up once the feeder dispenses the nourishment from the cells. Customize the setting of the dispensing entryway. Manufacturers recommend using the entryways at the highest setting.

It is not recommended that you use the container to fill the food before cleaning the hopper. It should be done correctly. The possibility of contaminating the food is high if the chamber or container is not clean. It will result in spoilage and can kill the fishes.


How to Adjust the Amount of Feed

You can adjust the amount of feed-in in two ways. Most of the feeders have a customized dispensing entryway that regulates the amount of food released in every feeding cycle. But there are some automatic fish feeders for the fish tank that let you fill the estimated amount of food in the cells.

Usually, fishes, as well as other aquatic pets, should be fed 1-3 times a day. It is suggested that you set the amount of food to the limit that fishes can take within 5-10 seconds. This will prevent any cloudiness or ammonia issue that can cause damage to aquatic life.



The best automatic pond fish feeder will keep your aquatic pets healthy and safe. You can set the time and amount of food your fish requires. It gives you peace of mind that your pets are well fed even if you are not around. So, you must choose the right type of feeder for your fish tank.

After reviewing 10 of the best automatic fish feeder, we recommend Eheim Automatic feeding unit. It can feed up to eight times per day, which is quite impressive. The unit is well-ventilated, easy to use, and is also splash-proof.

If you are looking for a great all-rounder, this brand is a good option. It can be used in any type of aquarium, but your choice should depend on your present fish tank. Another good thing about this brand is it has a larger capacity that can accommodate a huge amount of fish food, which is good if you will be out for a couple of days.

You should consider all the factors mentioned above before deciding which feeder to choose. Reliability and durability are the two essential things that you should focus on buying.