Best Aquarium Filters: Ultimate guide & Reviews

To maintain a fish tank, you should use some necessary tools. And one of these devices is an aquarium filter. Thanks to the aquarium filter, you do not have to change water and clean the aquarium all the time.

It also helps you keep clean the fish tank. You can take advantage of using the aquarium filter, but how can you find the best one? The fact is that this is a piece of cake to look for.

What makes the best aquarium filter?

Of course, the first authority of an aquarium filter is clearing up debris and other dirty things. And most people always stay focused on this point. Nevertheless, there are other factors a fish aquarium owner should take into account. And I think you should do it, too!

  • The cost of a filter
  • The kind of that filter (you even see some types of filter media used because you will get a better comparison)
  • How to use it (is it simple to control)
  • How quiet or loud of a filter is
  • How easy or difficult of maintenance of a filter
  • The flow rate, input, and output of the filter
  • The media parameters of the filter
  • Other applications of the filter

A quick glance at the types of the filter


Canister filter

Canisters are top rated, but these are the most expensive filters. They have 3 main stages of filtration that you enable to add, get rid of, and change the filtration material.

Primarily, these are containers which have an inflow and outflow of water technology. They still maintain the cleanliness of aquarium water longer than other filters.

If you have a big tank, canister filters will be a great option with powerful filters and various water flow.

Of course, you enable to choose a smaller canister for your tank.

Hang on filters

Hang on filters would be fantastic for the open fish aquariums. They often offer 3 kinds of filtration if they have good quality. However, these require some changeable cartridges. They may also inflate with a small waterfall they make.

Trickle filters

If you are having a saltwater tank, then you could consider a trickle filter. Nonetheless, the price for establishing this filter is not affordable at all. Use it when your tank needs to deal with the biological filtration.

Power filters

These are quite popular filters used nowadays. They usually offer chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration as well. They, of course, have different sizes to fit on each side of the aquarium (up to 75 gallons).

Most novices love these because it is easy to set up and use. Also, they do not get stuck with the maintenance when it is time to do this task. The price is so economical for most people as well.

Other filters

There are also a few fresh aquarium filters which include sponges and can move the water by aeration. However, they often have poor performance because of slow water flow. Moreover, you enable to think of self-made aquarium filters, but be sure to find out the reliable source.

How about the filtration system?


Before choosing the aquarium filter, I think you should know 2 things. Ask yourself why you should need to get a high-quality aquarium filtration system and how it does.

Absolutely, an excellent filtration system is one of the largest investments and could become the difference between an enjoyable thing and a stuck nightmare. Fortunately, picking the true system could be hard because there are various options.

An aquarium filter system often has several types like these:

  • Corner filters or boxes
  • Canister filters are used for big aquarium filter systems
  • Internal filters
  • Diatomic filters
  • Fluidized bed filters
  • Hang on back filters (HOB) or power filters
  • Sponge filters
  • Trickle filters (wet or dry ones): these also put under the aquarium
  • Under gravel filters

On the other hand, a fish tank filtration needs to have good waste to diminish harmful debris in the aquarium. Normally, there are 3 major types of waste which are:

  • Solid waste: the filter and sponge floss you change in the filter will help you remove dirt and debris. This is called mechanical filtration.
  • Organic waste: When you turned on carbon in your filter system, you are hoping it controls anything which is dissolved in your aquarium water. It could be making odor or discoloration. This is the chemical filtration.
  • Biological waste: this is the main consequence of the nitrogen cycle like ammonia and nitrate. These are removed by a biological filtration like Biomax or Seachem.

Today, you may hear the chemical filtration system and you do not know what it is. In fact, this is the process of removing or neutralizing chemical substances from aquarium water with the support of dynamic carbon only.

When it comes to the carbon pads…


Along with the aquarium filter, fish tanks should have carbon pads. These often utilized in a few different models of a filter. They feature great carbon element like a charcoal of getting rid of many toxins from the aquarium water and enhancing its clarity.

More importantly, all items containing carbon have a limited lifespan only. You should replace them when they reach their end using day because they can leave other dirty components back into the water.

Bottom line

When you want to look up the brand for your aquarium filter, you should find some most ones like API, Eheim, Fluval, and Marineland. Finding the best aquarium filter is not a hard game to play anymore. Break a leg!