Best Filter For Your 5 Gallon Betta Tank

Although the 5 gallon is just a small one, this part is still an important part of the equation. Especially, it’s important when you want to work with delicate fish like bettas. The fact is that impurities and debris can be able to mount up quickly.

Bettas are one of the most common fish for beginners. They require you to give them the right kind of care as well as attention. This purposes to keep them healthy and safe. But, it’s not easy to determine the best betta filter for you.

Check out this post, we will give you five best filter for 5 gallon fish tank. Then, you can choose the right one.

Betta Tank Filters Reviews

Luffy Marimo Moss Ball

If you want to get something with the benefit of being a living plant, a toy for your bettas, a biological filtration device, and an adorable low-maintenance aquarium ornament to boot, this is a great choice for you. They are gorgeous decor items.

Actually, these moss ball are also live plants absorbing nitrates from your tank such as phosphate and ammonia. They can be able to oxygenate the water. This is really a great option for a small tank of 5 gallons. It can help to keep the water fresh without using a mechanical or power filter. They are available in sizes from “nano” to “giant”.

This product is completely natural and eco-friendly. Especially, this unit is dyed or painted. In fact, it is made of 100% natural moss. They require some light as well as freshwater to survive. The thing you need to do is giving it a gentle wash first.

Next, you have to submerge it in the aquarium right now. In addition, don’t forget to rotate them regularly. By this way, you can prevent them from developing brown “pressure” spots.

This choice helps to reduce algae growth thanks to the added advantage. They enjoy eating the same nutrients as algae. That’s why they absorb the available nitrates, ammonia, and phosphates. In addition, they can be snail-proof as well.

Aqueon Quetflow E Internal Power Filter 10

This product is well known for the ability to do the job quickly and effectively. That’s why it’s a great choice. It comes with mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

In addition, it offers a higher flow rate than other products.It’s best to choose the 10-100g model in order to avoid accidentally ending up with a 50 – 400-gallon monster. It allows you to adjust the flow rate. So, your bettas aren’t spun around in the tank.

In order to slow the flow, you need to create a filter baffle. It comes with also an auto-start pump. It can be able to restore. Plus, it has Aqueon replacement filter cartridges in the small size. You can easily find it online.

Aquaclear Power Filter 110V

This is another choice for your 5-gallon betta tank. It comes with a gentle water flow. It allows your fish to swim around calmly and safely. This filter is quiet.

Also, it has a hang-on system. It uses continuous biological filtration via foam as well as carbon BioMax filter inserts. It helps to protect healthy bacteria in your tank once you remove toxic chemicals as nitrates and ammonia.

It offers three media inside it. They include a foam insert on the bottom, an activated carbon filter insert in the middle, and a special BioMax ceramic ring on the top level.

Remember that this product is a high-maintenance filter. So, you may have to pay more for it. It requires you to clean at least every two weeks. Also, it’s important to replace the inserts every month.

Bacto Surge High-Density Foam Filter

This is a great choice for those who want to find a filter that doesn’t make any noise at all. Moreover, this is also a standard foam filter. This is a small mechanical filter. This filter doesn’t pump any water. So, it has no current to stress your fish.

In addition, this unit is a little chunky. The unit is black. It comes with a weighted bottom. In order to avoid that it’s floating, you should squeeze it. By this way, it can be able to fully absorbs the water as well as sink back down.

You need to clean regularly sponge filter. It’s best to do this at least every week to 10 days. This is a simple process. The thing you need to do just is using your existing aquarium water. Then, wash the muck off the sponge. Avoid using hot water, distilled water, or tap water.

Penn Plax World Aquarium Filter

It’s not easy to look for a filter designed especially for a small aquarium. The Penn Plax is a small and inexpensive filter. The zeolite crystals will help to prevent harmful gases and odors.

You can easily attach the filter to any air pump just by using your existing tubing. It has a bracket and suction cups that help to attach to your aquarium wall. This option can work best for tanks up to 3 gallons. That’s why you can use it in combination with another filtration method.

The cartridge in this filter requires you to change regularly. Because this filter is small and gets filled up quickly. Thus, you need to stay on top of replacements in order to keep your tank healthy, clean, and fresh.

How to Choose A Filter For 5 Gallon Betta Tank

Last, you have to choose a filter based on your aquarium as well as the kind of betta you intend to stock in it. There are some things to consider when it comes to selecting a filter.

Bettas actually do best with gentle, no flow, and low filtration. If you need a mechanical filter with a pump, you should choose one with a slow flow rate or a rate that allows you to change.

Consider one with a cartridge system because you can easily remove it. Remember to replace it regularly. And, you need to determine if the filter is reliable. It’s best to talk to other fish owners for more experience.


As mentioned above, the best filter you should choose needs to work for you, your tank, your bettas, as well as your individual circumstances. Depending on your need, you can choose biological, chemical, or mechanical one.