How To Clean A Canister Filter

How To Clean A Canister Filter

One of the most important pieces of equipment you have is the tank filter. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean. Nowadays, there are many types of filters you can choose from. But, many aquarium hobbyists don’t know how to clean and maintain their filters. Keeping a fish tank clean plays an important role in ensuring your fish are healthy. In this post, we will guide you to clean a canister filter. Check out to learn about it.

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Step 1: Turn Off The Filter

This is the first important step you need to do before touching anything else. You need to unplug it from the power socket. Then, don’t forget to check the outflow tube. You just proceed to the next step if you see no water coming out of it.

Step 2: Turn Off Shut Off Valves

After unplugging your canister filter, it’s time to turn the shut-off valves horizontally. This has the purpose of preventing water from spilling out while disconnecting the tubes from the motor housing.

Step 3: Unscrew The Tubes

In this step, you have to turn the locking nut off of the threaded pipe gradually. Do this until the locking nut comes loose. You need to know that there will be trapped water in the motor housing that comes out. Then, you have to set the pipes aside.

Step 4: Transport The Filter

In this step, you need to transport the filter to an area. More importantly, make sure that you won’t get a little wet. It’s best to do this outside near a hose or at the kitchen sink. In addition, you have to have the high-pressure water.

Step 5: Remove The Motor Housing

If you want to do this, it’s essential to release the locks on all four sides. This purposes to remove the housing. Once again, you may see some water spilling out. But, don’t worry! When removing the housing, you need to do gently. Then, set the housing aside. We recommend you to grab a towel for more water than expected spills out.

Step 6: Remove The Guts

If you want to remove the guts, you have to remove everything in your filter. But, don’t remove the trays holding your biological media. You need to soak them in water while cleaning the rest of your canister filter. This helps to avoid the loss of beneficial bacteria needed for your fish. Remember that you will have to put these items back in very quickly. That’s why we recommend you to keep them close to you.

Step 7: Time To Clean

Rinse the media traysremoved in your sink or hose. Then, use an old toothbrush or scrub pad to clean them. In this way, you can remove all of the gross and slimy algae. In addition, you also need to clean the filter pads well.

Step 8: Removing The Impeller

When removing the impeller from the motor housing, be careful! The reason is that it’s extremely fragile. So, it can be broken easily. Also, carefully clean the impeller because they are so fragile. Don’t too worry. You can buy replacements almost in every aquarium supplies store.

Step 9: Clean The Impeller

This step is very important. Indeed, if you ignore this step, it can affect the performance of your filter. As a result, the motor may be damaged due to the resistance of the gunk on the impeller. In addition, don’t forget to clean the plastic parts around the impeller. To do this step, you need the toothbrush. Avoid using a scrub brush because it can make more pressure on the impeller.

Step 10: Clean The Impeller Hole

This step is also an important step. You have to take a q-tip and then hold it the hold consisting of the impeller. The sides of this hole are able to collect a bunch of gunk that makes a malfunctioning impeller.

Step 11: Remove Biological Media Trays

In this step, you need to take out your biological media trays. Do this as fast as possible. Then, set these strays aside. You can use a bucket of aquarium water and set them on. It’s a bad idea to reuse this water.

Step 12: Cleaning The Canister

Spray some high pressure into the canister filter to clean it. Then, rinse the filter out again. You can prepare a really clean cloth to wipe your canister filter. It ensures to gather all of the slime and debris.

Step 13: Reassemble

For this step, you just need to put everything back in the canister filter. Then, you have to lock the motor housing in place. Next, it’s time to bring your filter back to the aquarium. Remember to screw the shut-off valves.

Step 14: Turn On The Shut Off Valves & Fill

The first thing you need to do is turning the valves back to the “on” status. In order to do this easily, you need to lift the front locking bracket up. Don’t forget to watch the water level. And, remember to lock the bracket back in place right after the water level hits the motor housing.

Step 15: Plug It In

Last, you need to plug your canister back in. Then, use the top priming button a few times in order to prime it. Make sure everything can work well. Both the plug and your hand have to be dry if you don’t want to get electrocuted.