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Koller TM1186 Tom Aquarium Betta Tank



If you are looking for 360-degree panoramic viewing of your precious fish, the Koller Products TM1186 Tom Aquarium Betta Tank (5/8 Gallon) is for you. It gives a similar vibe to a painting due to its easel design, which makes great décor for your home. You can also add it to your office table or room to give off a relaxing vibe.

What we like about this betta tank is the feature that allows you to change the background picture to anything you like. This means it's a dual-purpose picture frame and a home for your little betta! The fish tank's backdrop will hold an 8 x 10 photo.

Due to the removable hood and the feeding hole, maintaining your fish's health is easy. Aside from that, this design makes the fish tank easier to clean. The tank will fit most bettas but you can also put in guppies and zebra danio fish if you like.

The seamless acrylic construction gives you a clear view of your fish from various angles while also being durable to sudden impact in case of accidents. Moreover, this seamless construction makes the aquarium less likely to leak out water while also having fewer sharp edges for the kids.

Koller Products Tom Aquarium Power Head



Whether you need something for freshwater or saltwater tanks, the Koller Products Tom Aquarium Power Head 40 is an applicable choice. This unit has a flow rate of 40 GPH (gallons per hour) and does a good job of aerating and agitating the water tank while also ensuring proper gas exchange for your fish or sea creatures.

Aquariums that have a size of 3 to 30 gallons can use this powerhead just fine. Due to the epoxy-sealed motor, it's not only waterproof but is also durable for long-term use without harming your creatures. Installation is also a breeze thanks to the included adjustable hanger bracket and suction cups made from silicon.

Most betta, tetra, and mollie tanks will benefit from this powerhead filter, even if your system already has a filter (it can help supplement your creatures' living conditions). Due to its just-right power and small current, it won't blow away small fish, which is good news if you have tiny little creatures in your aquatic space.

Upon installation, though, you may have to find a PVC pipe for additional power to connect it to the pump intake. This will help if your aquarium gets dirty more often. It will also work well for aquariums that already have a UGF (under gravel filter).

Koller Products Tom Aquarium Stellar Air Pump



Made for fish tanks with sizes from 60 to 100 gallons, the Koller Products Tom Aquarium Stellar Air Pump will help you maintain the health of your fish using optimum oxygen levels and water movement. For each outlet, it has an air volume of 2 liters per minute. It also has dual air outlets so it is suited for larger tanks.

Moreover, this air pump has a pressure rating of 3.1 PSI plus it was constructed with heavy-duty diaphragms. The aquarium air pump consumes about 3.2 watts and can be used under gravel filters, action ornaments, bubble wands, and air stones. Aside from that, the silicone flappers of this air pump make it durable for long-term use.

Setting it up requires a hidden area and is recommended to be inside a humid tank enclosure for safety. If you use air stones of high quality, the result will be fine bubbles that won't blow away most fish. When it comes to noise level, it isn't jarring on the ears so it's a great addition to a bedroom aquarium. Due to its power, it will work even on up to 4 large air stones in a 100-gallon fish tank with a proper setup.

TOM Aquarium Baby Nursery



To help nurture your baby fish, the TOM Aquarium Baby Nursery is a safe place to isolate them or to help them mature without being disturbed by other large fish and adults. It can also be used as an isolation tank when you see aggression within your main tank. Moreover, you can also use it for injured fish and small fry.

When it comes to the design, the tank doesn't compromise - it has side vents for improved water flow with the use of a filter connected to an air stone. If you have pregnant fish, you can safely divide the room into two for them to have privacy. Setting up the built-in filter is convenient due to the transferrable design on both sides.

Its v-shaped partitions are built with durability and safety in mind so your fish won't knock them over. What's more, the vents of this isolation tank have wide slots for easy movement for the fish you've kept inside. You can also remove the divider in case you want to have more room in the tank for your fish.

To attach it to your aquarium, you can use the included metal strips that come with the tank. Using the grooves on each side, attaching it to your main aquarium won't be much of a hassle, as long as you keep it away from your main filter if you are using it for baby fish.

KollerCraft TOM Temp Alert Digital Thermometer



Do you need a simple way to measure the ideal temperature for your fish or aquatic creature to thrive? The KollerCraft TOM Temp Alert Digital Thermometer for Aquariums is a solution for you. This digital thermometer has reliable accuracy for both high and low temperatures to allow you to monitor your fish tank's living conditions better.

It has two settings: 75 degrees F and 82 degrees F so you can easily select. You can use it just fine in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. When it comes to the alert status, it has sounds and LED notifications to let you know if the temperature rises or falls below the given preset.

To install this aquarium thermometer, it only requires the included suction cup and plastic probe, as well as connecting the 3-foot cord. It has simple buttons to clear the temperature settings, set memory, configure the alert, and set the LED light.

The size of the thermometer isn’t too bulky so it’s easy to attach to your aquarium. When it comes to powering up the thermometer, it only requires either an LR44 or SR44 (the unit comes with initial batteries). This thermometer works not just for fish, but other aquatic species as well, such as the hermit crab.

Koller Products Filter Cartridge Pre-Assembled fits Tom Mini Power Filter



If you have the Tom Mini Power Filter, this 3-pack of Koller Products Filter Cartridge Pre-Assembled for the TM1250 is a great replacement for you. It has activated carbon combined with a dense foam insert to help filter your aquarium water constantly.

Aside from that, it also helps with other necessary water parameters while also keeping your fish healthy. It also takes out fish waste from your tank and keeps the water clear. It will also work well for micro-aquariums, such as those that have hermit crabs. You can also attach it to a shrimp filter.

Fitting it into the Tom Mini Power Filter will allow you to make adjustments from 10 to 45 GPH (gallons per hour) to maintain proper oxygen levels, gas exchange, remove toxic gases, keep away impurities within the tank, and the like.

Since the recommended amount of time to keep a filter intact is 3 to 4 weeks for the Tom Mini Internal Power Filter (TM1250), if you have a big aquarium then this will be a great backup cartridge set at home. Since the replacement filters are set in a not-so-strong filter, they won't be too strong when placed in a 5-gallon tank or similar-sized setups.

TOM Perch-Light Compact Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp



For those who need lighting for their fish tank, the TOM Perch-Light Compact Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp is a great choice for you. Weighing 1.2 pounds, this plastic-acrylic fluorescent lamp for fish gives off a sunny tropical day simulation with its light.

As for the color temperature, it is at 6400K and it enhances plant and fish colors to make your aquarium lively. Measuring 9 inches long, this lamp is recommended for any acrylic aquarium with a 1/8-inch thick wall. In case the light broke, you can replace the bulb using any TM1254 (033153012545), which is added convenience compared to other lamps with non-replaceable bulbs.

The light of this fluorescent lamp is 7 watts. As for the installation method, it's simple to attach to your aquarium wall using the included mounting bracket. If you have fish tanks that are around 7.5 gallons or less, this single lamp will suffice for your fish or aquatic creatures.

A supplemental lamp for this unit would be the Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamp if you plan to use it for bigger fish tanks, especially for plant growth. Be wary, however, that the charger base runs a little thick so it might not do well with black-lined fish tanks.

TOM Aquarium Aqua Lifter Pum



If you are looking for a dosing pump, the TOM Aquarium Aqua Lifter Pump 3.5 GPH is for you. This unit can be connected with standard air tubing so it is easy to set up. Aside from that, it is also optimal for use in reptile terrariums due to the drip system included.

With a height of 30 inches high and a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per hour, it can be connected to two optional accessories: a lifter holder to the fish tank, and a pre-filter to take out particulate materials and the like.

You can also use it for waterfalls as a circulating pump, as well as for overflow siphoning. If you want to maintain salinity in a reef tank, this is a great transfer pump to consider in an automatic top-off system. Even though it is meant for reef tanks, it can also be used for freshwater aquariums.

The noise level is also quite low for this water pump so it's good even for office desks or bedrooms. The only instance of noise is if the air got stuck in the pump, by which you can just shake it off a bit. It also works well for acclimating new species to your fish tank.

Koller Products TOM Aquarium Internal Power Filter



With a flow rate of 45 GPH, the Koller Products TOM Aquarium Internal Power Filter is adjustable, with the starting flow rate at 10 GPH. This makes it easier for you to tweak it depending on the fish or aquatic creature that you have on your tank. It prevents your little creatures from getting sucked in the filter.

This device will work well from 1 to 10 gallons in terms of aquarium size. The secure mounting design allows you to keep this filter onto the aquarium using durable suction cups. Aside from good flow control, it also maintains the optimal water parameters. To have replacement filters, you can just order the TM1413 3-pack separately.

The design of the filter will help manage the water quality with better oxygen levels, gas exchange, color, and to have less toxic chemicals. It comes with an initial cartridge with premium activated carbon in a dense foam insert.

Due to the compact design, it works ideally for aquariums that have limited space so if you have other gadgets, it won't be too bulky. It also comes with 2 outflow return attachments, a direct flow diffuser for water surface agitation, and a spray bar for improving water flow.

TOM Aquarium Gravel Vacuum



If you have a UGF setting for your fish tank, the TOM Aquarium Gravel Vacuum 12-Inches Length is for you. It allows you to change the water quickly and it also takes out other debris, aside from fish waste. To use it, siphon flow can be done using the built-in hand pump and giving it a gentle squeeze. The design allows it to start fast due to its wide nozzle.

Aside from that, it has a gravel guard so that you won't accidentally siphon your gravel out of the aquarium. Other than that, it reduces your need to change and refill the water in the tank in the long run. The gravel that you picked up will eventually fall back to the bed due to the design of this gravel vacuum.

This vacuum comes with a detachable hose spanning 5 feet long plus a 12-inch nozzle that captures all the waste. It can be used for most small aquariums, such as those from 5 to 20 gallons. The siphon is also easy to clean for about 2 minutes of running it under the sink, disconnecting the hose, and toss out the debris with the wastewater. This will help keep the vacuum smelling good.