Best Aquarium Filters: Ultimate guide & Reviews

To maintain a fish tank, you should use some necessary tools. And one of these devices is an aquarium filter. Thanks to the aquarium filter, you do not have to change water and clean the aquarium all the time. It also helps you keep clean the fish tank. You can take advantage of using the […]

How To Soften Aquarium Water

When it comes to aquariums and fish tanks, one of the most important parts is water hardness. But, not all fish owners understand the meaning and purpose of hardness. It may be measured in terms of degrees. There are two types of water hardness including Carbonate Hardness and General Hardness. So, how to soften aquarium […]

How To Clean A Canister Filter

One of the most important pieces of equipment you have is the tank filter. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean. Nowadays, there are many types of filters you can choose from. But, many aquarium hobbyists don’t know how to clean and maintain their filters. Keeping a fish tank clean play an important role […]

How to Maintain Your Aquarium

Not everyone can maintain their aquarium properly. Maintaining your aquarium will help you keep your fish tank cleaner. It may be a challenge, especially for those who start off with fish keeping. Actually, with a good aquarium maintenance practices, you can get a healthy aquatic environment as well as thriving fish. In this article, we […]

Understanding Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium filtration is a great thing for most people. Many people have a misconception. They think that the filter should care for overfeeding and as well as keep the water perfectly suitable for fish. Most of the new filters are complex, large, and expensive. You may not know the amount of filtration is the cause […]

Best Filter For Your 5 Gallon Betta Tank

Although the 5 gallon is just a small one, this part is still an important part of the equation. Especially, it’s important when you want to work with delicate fish like bettas. The fact is that impurities and debris can be able to mount up quickly. Bettas are one of the most common fish for […]

The Importance of A Fish Tank Filter

It’s a fun and relaxing hobby when you decide to set up a freshwater fish tank. The fact is that it’s easy to maintain a tank. It can also help to provide hours of enjoyment and beauty to your home. But, when setting up the aquarium, you have to consider some very important factors like […]